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This website is a work in progress. It's always changing, always growing, and always getting snarled up. When you encounter problems with the site, or when you think of features that you'd like to see .oaklog offer, enter them here. To access bugs.oaklog, click the info link on the right menu on the front page, then click the "bugs" section header on the info page.

add a task

Before you add a new task, look through the other open tasks to make sure that it's not there already. If your task is already listed, you can add a comment seconding the request or voicing your concerns. If your task is not already listed, click the "Add new task" link at the top of the bugs area.

Fill in all of the fields that you can. When reporting a bug, provide extensive details about what makes the error appear, including the name and version of the browser that you use. When submitting a feature request, be very specific about what you want to see and why.

You will not be able to fill in the "Status," "Due in," or "Assigned to" boxes. One of the site administrators will complete these upon reviewing your request.

To ensure that administrators will be able to contact you with questions or updates about your bugs, click "Edit my details" and fill in your name and email (the "Jabber" field doesn't work—bugs within bugs!). Select Notify Type: Email. Then open the "Notifications" tab in your tasks, or any other tasks that you're interested in, and click "Add myself to this list." You will receive email notification whenever the status of one of these tasks changes.

manage your tasks

Click "View My Pending Tasks" to view all of the tasks that you have submitted that have not yet been closed. When you click to view an individual task, you can see if an administrator has been assigned to it, and you can add comments to help clarify your problem or request.

"View My Submitted Tasks" shows you all the tasks that you've ever submitted, whether they're new, assigned, or closed. If you feel that a task was improperly addressed, email or message the administrator who last worked on it. All administrators can be emailed at username@oaklog.com (omit any spaces).

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