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view the calendar add an event edit or delete an event

The .oaklog community calendar showcases any upcoming events that interest members of the site. These can range from movie screenings and parties to election days and drinks after work. All members are welcome to post upcoming events.

view the calendar

A stripped-down seven-day version of the calendar shows up below the photo on the front page of the site. This bar shows only dates; those in bold font hold events. Click anywhere on the seven-day bar to view the full calendar.

All events show up on the day on which they're scheduled to begin. To view the details of an event, click the event name (not the organizer's name!). The full description of the event appears in a separate window, which also displays all other events scheduled for that day.

add an event

On the full calendar view, click the numeric date of your event. The small Add New Event window opens. Fill in the Title and Text fields, select the start and end times, and click "Post." The small window closes. Your event shows up in the main calendar. All site visitors can see the information that you post, so be cautious about entering personal information.

edit or delete an event

You can only edit your own event postings. If you feel that another user's post is inaccurate or should be changed, contact that user directly. If you feel that a posting should be removed and the organizer does not do so, contact a site administrator. Do not duplicate event postings!

To edit or delete an event of your own, click the event name. In the small window that opens, click the "edit" or "delete" link. If editing, update any information that needs it, then click "Update." If you click "delete," you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the event.

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