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New .oaklog accounts come with film, book, song, and food lists. While you may use these lists however you please, they're intended to contain rankings of all the movies you watch, books you read, albums you listen to, and restaurants at which you dine.

If you want to rank other items or experiences as well (such as shows you attend, whiskies you drink, or bus drivers who drive you), check out else.

add a new entry

To enter your ranking list, click the appropriate link (film, book, song, food) on the front page top menu. You'll see the most recent entries from the last 25 users to add to their list. Your list controls are directly above that list. Click "view" to see your own list of entries; if you have no entries yet, you will see a blank list. Click "add," and type your entry name and any comments you'd like to make in the corresponding text boxes. If this is the first entry in a list, just click "submit".

If you have already entered items into this list, you must rank your new entry against your previous entries. Click to highlight an item in the "select a destination point" box, then click "place above" or "place below" to insert your new entry.

add a duplicate entry

When adding a duplicate entry (that is, an item that already appears in your list), you can go straight to the "select a destination point" box and double-click the entry name. The entry name will automatically appear in the item name field.

You can click "submit" immediately after this if you want to rank the duplicate right next to the original, or else you can select a new destination point as you would for a new entry.

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