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Unlike almost any other poll system, oaklog polls are user-created and user-answered prior to being user-voted-upon. The poll changes after twenty-four hours of voting. You may contribute to the poll during any or all of the following three phases.

phase one: submit a poll

Click the poll. link above the current poll on the main page to access poll.oaklog. At poll., you can review past polls and submit questions for new polls. To suggest a new poll, type a question in the "new poll question" field and "submit."

Each poll submission should be phrased as a noun modified without superlatives. Poll questions must be in lowercase text, may not start with the words "a" or "the," and must conclude with a question mark (?). Eschew surplusage.

  • Acceptable polls: "root vegetable?," "inappropriate work attire?," "reason for abstinence?"
  • Unacceptable: "What's the best Bowling alley?"

    Once you submit a poll, it will go to the site bosses for review. If approved, it will be added to the queue of upcoming polls.

    phase two: submit an answer

    New oaklog polls appear as a question (see above) followed by an empty text box in which users can submit contending answers. Do not feel that you must submit the best answer; oaklog polls are intentionally phrased without superlatives to encourage a diverse answer pool. Once five users have submitted answers, the poll moves into the voting phase.

    phase three: vote

    This is easy. Vote for the answer that you feel best suits the poll question or that most tickles your fancy. After you vote, you will see the current vote tally for all five answers.

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