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When you first registered with the site, you chose a username and password. You may have also submitted your email address, location, age, messenger address, birthdate, and more. You can add, update, or remove all of this information (except for your username) at any time. To do so, click "my bio" on the right menu, then click "edit," make changes, and click "submit."

Other site visitors will be able to see all the bio information you submit except for your password.


When editing your bio, you will see several other fields as well. Two of these fields, in the "upload" category, allow you to add images to your oaklog account. The 38x38 px icon image will appear next to your username throughout the site. The other, larger, biopic appears only on your bio page. Guidelines for each image appear below the submission fields. Click the "browse" link next to each field to find and upload an image from your computer.

You can create these images for yourself, or leave the fields blank and keep the default images.


Below the upload section, you can type whatever you like in the "upshot" field. Users often write brief biographical notes, entertaining anecdotes, or pop-culture refs and quotes.

Read the "preferences" section of info to learn about other ways to customize how you see and use .oaklog.

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