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word.oaklog's a place to write about whatever the hell you want and read about other users' lives. After writing each entry, you decide whether to publish it to the main site or to keep it private. Don't publish anything that you'd be uncomfortable discussing; it'll be read by the person you least intended it for, and dramatics will ensue.

add an entry

Click the "word" link in the top menu or "my log" in the right menu to access your word controls. Click "add entry." Write anything—you must enter a title as well as body text for your entry. You may format your word entries with several basic html commands. Before you click "submit," you can clean up your entry using the spell check function at the lower right.

When you're done, click "submit" below the text boxes. You'll be taken to your log, which now shows your new entry with its title in a contrasting color.


The different-colored title text means that the entry is currently "unpublished"; only you can view it. You can keep your entry private, or can make it visible to the site and internet at large by clicking "publish" below the title. You can unpublish, edit, or delete your entry at any time by clicking the appropriate link below the title.

Privacy note: Be aware that .oaklog permits search engines such as Google to keep a cache of its past contents. This means that if you publish and then unpublish an entry, it may continue to be accessible indefinitely through these search sites. If you never publish an entry, it will not be accessible to search engines.

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