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the basics

Make a grand .oaklog debut! Tell us about yourself and upload a bio pic and icon.

lists: book, film, food, song
The substantive heart of .oaklog. Rank your everyday experiences against each other for all the site to see!

Write write write—about life, love, the annoying guy at work, or whatever you like—in an online journal that you can keep to yourself or publish to the scrutinizing eyes of the internet.

Join the chatty .oaklog community in the messageboard. Discussion topics include list and log content, shit to do in Oakland, shit to do on the internet, and rampant self-promotion.

Change the way you see the site: background colors, textures, fonts, and much more!

the rest

Perhaps you do more with your life than read books, watch movies, listen to albums, and eat out. Want to keep track of the other stuff too? Make your own ranking lists!

What are you doing this weekend? Come here for ideas, or to publicize your own plans.

Submit answers and vote on the latest .oaklog poll; suggest future poll questions.

Who used .oaklog most last month? Who listened to the most music? Who kills the most threads? More?

Your very own cyber-filing cabinet.

A frequently-updated repository of links to fascinating, delightful, and hideous spots on the www.

Oaklog's buggier than a dead fox. When something doesn't work right, let us know.

bonus materials

html primer
Learn how to make pretty italics and links and even more.

the deal
A piece of .oaklog's past: what passed as info in the early days.

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